Next to interior images, aerial photographs will give you as a real estate agent an advantage.
Cammotion gives you a complete picture of buildings.

The cost however is just a fraction of what traditional aerial photographs would cost you.


The first contact that potential buyers of a property have with a building are the pictures. These will determine whether or not people interested in the property will go and have a look.

The more attractive the picture, the more visitors. 

Photographs can be made from any position: a vertical shot 80 meters above a building or a spectacular image made above a pond…

Even properties difficult to reach on hills or very close to urban areas are no problem for Cammotion.

Cammotion can even visualize projects via computeranimation (3D).

The sky is no longer the limit.

Why chose Cammotion as your partner
for real estate photography?

  • Professional photographs in no time.
  • You will achieve better sales results.
  • You will gain a competitive advantage on your competitors.