A perfect match

Too high for a tower crane, too windy for a hot air balloon and don’t want to rent an expensive helicopter?


Cammotion & Vincotte have the solution.

With our UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) also known as drones we can get to places that are out of range for standard technology. With the UAV’s we can take high-resolution photos, thermal images or shoot videos. The UAV’s are light, silent, highly maneuverable and can operate on specified altitudes. This offers unique possibilities.


Cammotion is a Belgium based company specialized in industrial inspections using high tech Remotely Operated Unmanned Multirotor Systems (ROUMS©). These ROUMS© (more often referred to as UAV’s) are equipped with a digital or thermal camera offering the prefect solution for inspecting high voltage cable installations, wind turbines, bridges, chimneys or other high altitude installations.

Today most industrial installations are being inspected with expensive helicopters, difficult maneuverable boom lifts or inflexible scaffoldings. With Cammotion you get the same or even better results by using safe, fast and less expensive methods. Our experts can check the close-up photos made by the UAV immediately on location or we can also record the images so that they can be analyzed afterwards.


A team of highly qualified UAV operators assisted by experienced inspection engineers from Vincotte provides industrial inspections in the field of:

  • Flare stack and flare tip inspections
  • Industrial chimney inspections
  • Wind turbine blade inspections
  • Transmission line and pylon inspections
  • Cooling tower inspections

While the asset is live (flare, cooling tower, chimney, …) or in some cases during shutdown (flare tip, wind turbine, …) Cammotion & Vincotte provide a unique service using UAV’s fitted with high definition video, high resolution still and thermal imaging cameras. Our team operates from a purpose built mobile inspection vehicle at your site, providing close visual inspections. After each flight the operators relayed in real time to a ground station and recorded for subsequent detailed investigation and editing.

During the flight the imagery is recorded in high definition, video or photo. Afterwards the footage will be studied and interpreted by a qualified and experienced inspection engineer from Vincotte. Cammotion & Vincotte provide engineering assessment and compliance guidance reports or alternatively, edited footage of the asset.

We provide a unique service combining highly qualified and experienced inspection engineers, trained to the highest standards in health and safety, with state of the art remotely operated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s).

Cammotion provides an inspection service for structures at height
or structures that are difficult to access:

  • Storage Tanks
  • Pipe Racks
  • Telecom Masts
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Rooftops
  • Solar Panels Installations

Imagine how much you can save with our drones…

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