Professional photo- and videography with an unmanned aircraft

Our UAV’s combine the advantages of regular aviation photography: the possibilities of a helicopter, the environmental friendliness of a hot air balloon, the affordable pictures made from a scaffolding. The UAV does not have to cope with the possible disadvantages of regular aerial photography.


State of the art technology

An experienced pilot will navigate the UAV drone from a distance. They are equipped with a GPS, digital compass and an altitude meter. This offers the possibility to make a an aerial picture at different times but from the same position (hight and angle).

A UAV can reach a height of 150 meters and is extremely stable. Even with wind force 7 it is possible to fly. However out of safety precautions we only operate until wind force 4.


The footage

The UAV is equipped with a high resolution camera with a big angle lens. This camera makes pictures up to 18Mp and 1080p HD-quality for movies. For special assignments we can use hi-end camera’s for pictures up to 20Mp and full HD videos. Even heath detection and thermical cameras and live broadcasting are possible.


The finishing touch

Our service does not stops after the landing

Standard you will be provided with ultra sharp high resolution aerial pictures (RAW + JPG). If desired, we can retouch your photos for you.

Please have a look for yourself at the multiple possibilities in our gallery.